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100% Guaranteed Quotes for all Modular Kitchens & Wardrobes 🙂 Largest Manufacturing Brand Across - Delhi 🙂 Bring Us any Quote & Take Flat 7% Off. 100% Guaranteed Quotes for all Modular Kitchens & Wardrobes 🙂 Largest Manufacturing Brand Across - Delhi 🙂 Bring Us any Quote & Take Flat 7% Off.

Design Indian Kitchen FAQ

Can you help with the design of my kitchen?

Yes, We have a Team of Designers and architects working with us, who would design and develop your layout and provide you 3D drawings for your kitchen.

Do you charge for designing a kitchen?

Yes, we do charge a nominal amount for designing your kitchen layout and 3D designing. Our kitchen interior designer first visits your home to take the required measurement, after which drafts are prepared on initial briefing by the client. If the design is approved, a project manager is dedicated to cost and plan your ideal kitchen.

Also importantly, if you choose to also order the final kitchen from us, this cost of layout design is adjusted in the total cost of the kitchen.

Why Modular kitchen?

Modular kitchen gives a fresh and beautiful look and as it is build perfectly optimized area. It is developed with contemporary finishes which gives longer life to the kitchen and its accessories.Usually Life of a Modular Kitchen depends on the quality of the material you use on your kitchen. Ideally a Mid- Segment Kitchen

Installation and repairs can easily be done as each part of the kitchen module is separate which gives a perfect look. In a modular kitchen concept each module can be altered without any obstacle coming in but in civil kitchen same is not possible.

You can carry your cabinets, shutters and accessories and fit the same in your new kitchen but civil kitchen can’t be moved anywhere so this becomes a great advantage of having modular kitchen.

Cleaning of modular kitchen is very easy and it takes very less time as all the drawers comes out easily and can be access properly but in a civil kitchen it becomes tough to reach each corner of the kitchen.

Modular kitchen gives the advantage of making extra space according to your need even in the scarcity of space. Cabinet are stuck in stylish manner and provides a cozy look even in smallest kitchen area.

What are the maintenance requirements of a modular kitchen?

Modular kitchens are quiet simple to maintain. Based to the design and material used, necessary care needs to be taken and a few common practices will ensure the long life of your kitchen. Basic simple instructions are required for long life of your kitchen.

What is the time frame required to install modular kitchen from Design India Kitchen ?

First, we initiate with layout then 3D design is created & shared with the client. Changes if required is made by the customer and then the order is processed. Once order is processed in our Industrial Unit, we take about 1 Week to manufacture the material. In the meantime complete fittings and other necessary materials are landed on the customer site.

How thick are the kitchen carcases you supply?

All the carcases we supply are made from 18mm thick.

What is the key difference between your kitchen and simple wood kitchens?

A modular kitchen offers great durability and is spacious in terms of storage and is easier to carry out repairs if and when required. As the name suggests a modular kitchen is called this because all the modules of the kitchen are put together and a design is formed and hence can be dis-assembled. The cabinets of this type of kitchen are designed according to the size of the kitchen. The assembly and the fitting of the kitchen is very convinient and have Zero % wastage. All spaces are thus optimized. Some of our Materials are even fire and water proof thus making it a win win solution for the customer opting or Modular Kitchen.

Why are your prices lower than other Modular kitchen manufactures?

We have been the most sucessful Modular kitchen agency in India due to the our quality and afforability. We have special regard for all our customers who have trusted us and kept faith in our Solutions. We never let them down. We use the best quality material along with german and austrian fittings. Along with cabinets and shutters from our Industry.

What about Sink and plumbing and othe civil works if we want to get it done ?

Yes, we provide sink along with the kitchen. And also provide the best possible plumbing solution but do not provide plumbers for job. We do undertake civil work but in very remote cases.

What type of designs & material are available with Design Indian Kitchen in carcass and shutters?

As Design Indian Kitchen as its own Industry, manufacturing kitchen cabinets and shutters. We provide carcass in marine ply, WPC, MDF, HDF & ply. We offer wide range of shutters in membrane, acrylic, post form, four side edge bend in high gloss & matt finish and designer range shutters.

How many colors and designs are available at the store of Design Indian Kitchen ?

Our range is extensive and We have more than 135 colour choices in various kitchen designs. Our colours are available in laminate, membrane, paint and German Acrylic Finishes. We are the leading manufacturers of Modular Kitchen Cabinets and shutters and our shutters are made in various design finishes, like 4-side edge banding, post form, routed, mesh, aluminium profile with glass, etc.

You may select from our array of designs and colour finishes.

How much would a 10 x 8 feet kitchen cost me?

Costing of a Kitchen from 'Design Indian Kitchen Company' is based not only on the dimension, but also on other factors like the selection of fittings, finish, hardware, number of drawers and doors, type of accessories used, etc. So, it is not possible to estimate the price of a kitchen by its size alone. Our designers & architects are equipped with indept knowledge to understand your requirement and budget, and can easily design a kitchen which fits in your budget. Our Project Managers will design the best kitchen that fits your budget and thus proving to be value for money for a long period of time. Our Modular Kitchens start from as low as Rs 70,000 and can go upto 35 Lakhs. Depending on the finish and the Tecniques used in fittings.

Do you provide the Hob, Chimney, Sink and other appliances?

Yes, we do provide. We are the channel partners to the leading kitchen appliance brand and there will be quiet lot price difference of our products and same products purchased from a simple dealer who procures from us. Appliances and fixtures in a Modular kitchen are an intergral part of Modular Kitchen. It is a well known fact that no modular kitchen company manufactures its own appliances and We use some of the best quality products which carry a genuine warranty. All appliances need to be confirmed and selected during the designing process so as to plan the Kitchen efficiently.

What are the maintenance requirements of a modular kitchen?

Modular kitchens are quiet easy to maintain. Based on the design and principle material used, necessary care needs to be taken and few common tips will

ensure the long life and beauty to your modular kitchen. Few things to keep in mind are:

- Clean the shutter with a soft dry cloth, moisten it while cleaning worktop & tiles.

- Clean the shutters immediately for any spillage of food items. Make sure you clean it with a cotton cloth.

- Regularly check the drawer and shutter movement. In case of an unusual noise or obstruction in the movement, please get is serviced.

- Always keep the sink area dry and clean. In case of any oil residues, use a soft cloth with mild detergent and lukewarm water.

- Do not scrub any of the surfaces with a sharp object as it can damage their texture and make it look dull.

- Do not lean over or hang onto the open shutters & drawers.

- Do not overload the cabinets or store over-sized objects as every shutter and drawer has its on capacity of loading.

Since How long is Design Indian Kitchen in Kitchen Business

We are Leading manufacturers of Kitchen Cabinets since a decade and are now India's largest Modular Kitchen Dealers installing more than 200 high end Units in a Month and doing project kitchens as well. We are providing Modular Kitchen Solution to customers across India and are based in Delhi - NCR.

Is Design Indian Kitchen an Independent Agency ?

No, Design Indian Kitchen is a Unit of Devotional India Group.

There are multiple businesses under the Devotional India Group as :-





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